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Foolproof Tips on Helping Real Estate Agents Locate SFR Owners

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 11, 2017 5:01:27 PM / by Jaclyn Harris posted in Registration, Real Estate Agents

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Single-Family Rental investors openly acknowledge that they’ve had to figure out the SFR investment market by themselves. The only way to learn is through peer-to-peer training because the industry of residential real estate has never developed the specialization to help people who want to invest in homes, rather than live in them.

For someone wanting to buy and sell Single-Family Rentals in bulk, the process is long and tedious. If they do use a real estate agent, they have to uproot their tenants, list the houses on the MLS and sell each property individually. If they choose to try and sell their portfolio on their own, they have to resort to creating listings on Craig’s List and other local classified sites.

So, why should this matter to a real estate agent? Because the SFR market is blue ocean!

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There’s Now a Way to Sell & Buy Occupied SFR Properties

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 6, 2017 11:48:12 AM / by Jaclyn Harris posted in Portfolios, Registration, SFR Owners

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Until recently, buying and selling Single-Family Rentals has been a tedious process. To sell SFR properties, owners have had to alert their tenants before the property can be listed (or their tenants get a surprise seeing it on Zillow) and then they have to find a new place to live once the home is sold. If sold to another SFR investor, that property then has to be leased out again.

Not only was this process inconvenient for tenants, but it also created more work for the new property owner, as they have to find tenants for this new piece of their SFR portfolio.

Fortunately, there’s now a way to sell and buy occupied Single-Family Rentals! 

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How to Upload Portfolios to OwnAmerica

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 21, 2016 4:45:43 PM / by Jaclyn Harris posted in Portfolios, Registration

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Recently launched this past September, OwnAmerica is paving the way for a new marketplace focused on owners of more than one Single Family Rental property.

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The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Creating an OwnAmerica Account

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 21, 2016 4:32:20 PM / by Jaclyn Harris posted in Registration, Real Estate Agents

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In the first month since the launch of the investment management platform, OwnAmerica has attracted more than $1.8 billion in Single Family Rental properties. Of this $1.8 billion, over $200 million in portfolios were made available for purchase. 

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The Single Family Rental Owner's Guide to Creating an OwnAmerica Account

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 17, 2016 11:59:07 AM / by Jaclyn Harris posted in Registration, SFR Owners

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With more than 12.5 percent of families living in Single Family Rentals, the SFR market is growing more than ever. And for the first time, owners of SFR property can buy and sell occupied properties through a free online platform. Oh yes, occupied and online. 

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