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3 Ways OwnAmerica is Changing the Single-Family Rental Sector

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 26, 2017 12:13:00 PM / by Jaclyn Harris

Jaclyn Harris

single-family-rental-ownamerica.jpgSince launching its platform in September, OwnAmerica has taken the Single-Family Rental market by storm. While transforming the way SFR investors do business and manage their investments, OwnAmerica has also created opportunity and training for real estate agents to enter the SFR sector.

Read on to discover three ways OwnAmerica is changing the game for Single-Family Rental investments, and discover how you can jump aboard the train!

1. Investors are Able to Buy and Sell Stabilized Portfolios

One of the biggest ways OwnAmerica is standing apart from others in the SFR space is that owners can buy and sell stabilized rental properties. Rather than having to make tenants move out of their houses to sell, owners can sell their properties occupied through OwnAmerica.

real-estate-sfr-ownamerica.jpgThis is beneficial for the seller because they can make money on their property up until the time of closing, they run zero risk of their tenants finding their house listed on the MLS and their tenants do not need to vacate their home.

It’s beneficial for buyers because they can see the income a property brings in prior to buying and they can begin making money on the investment property immediately upon purchase.

2. Owners can see the Metrics needed to make Smart Investments

OwnAmerica has created the opportunity for SFR owners to easily find out what their portfolio is worth through the Portfolio Visualizer. In doing so, its also become possible for owners to have the metrics they need at their fingertips to make smart investment decisions.

There’s no longer the need for SFR investors to do heavy lifting to do their own ROI calculations, research on population, migration and employment trends, and other important metrics prior to buying. OwnAmerica aggregates all of this data and makes it available to owners as they’re viewing listed portfolios.

3. Real Estate Agents can enter the SFR Market & Receive the Training Needed to be Successful

Another way OwnAmerica is changing the game is by recognizing that real estate agents are needed in the Single-Family Rental space.

ownamerica-blue-ocean.jpegThe Single-Family Rental sector is blue ocean for real estate agents right now – there is a ton of opportunity and few jumping in. Single-Family Rental investors currently do not have agent resources that understand this market and how to help them; OwnAmerica is seeking to change that.

OwnAmerica is providing training and education, such as the SFR Certification, and has an online portal dedicated to providing real estate agents with the resources they need to run a successful SFR business. Not to mention, OwnAmerica CEO Greg Rand jumps on a National Sales Meeting each Friday with all agent partners to offer best practices on the SFR sales process, insights on how to attack the market to find buyers/sellers, and additional resources helpful in the sales process.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re eager to sign-up for free as an agent partner and dive into the Single-Family Rental sector, you can do so by registering here.

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